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I’m sorry, I know I said I would stop posting about thisBut allow me to share with you these male tears.

I’m sorry, I know I said I would stop posting about this
But allow me to share with you these male tears.

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  5. cuteordeath said: oh my go d
  6. xkuramix said: So basically all is women fault How bitches are those women, they surely deserve being treated like the lowly beings they are, aren’t they? Geez, people need to relax sometimes
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    Jesus christ anon…
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  13. blazingrunaway said: Oh indeed anon, the entire female population is solely responsible for all of these actions.
  14. freshest-tittymilk said: What in the holy fuck is this person going on about?!?! Im sorry but i dont believe 12 year olds should be allowed on the internet w/o proper parental supervision…
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    Actually, feminist has a negative connotation in society because people in power don’t like being called out and by...
  16. strawberrupantsu said: Whoever this is, they are a fucking idiot.
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  19. anairalin said: Yeah every single female definitely goes out of their way to bash men and claim we are the superior gender, so much so we oppress men. Seriously what planet do you live on XD
  20. zandidandismoothiekandi said: Disgusting. That thought process just continues the ridiculous society of oppression. They need to realize men can be victims of patriarchy as well.