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La Robe Vert Clair

Beautiful Melva~

Finally found the time to dress up OTT in my dream dress! *o* <3Dress/Headbow: “Dream Fantasy” by Angelic PrettyWig/Blouse: BodylineShoes: Juju JelliesSocks: Angelic PrettyAccessories: Kawaii Goods, Cute Can Kill

Me wearing my new Cameo Window dress by AP at Japan Expo <3 I’m in love with this dress~ Made the hair accessory and bracelet myself ^^-Michelle
Anonymous sent: How do you afford your lolita clothes? How do you plan a cord? How do you shop for the cord? What do you do for a living?

I save up money from my job. As for what I do for a living, I’m a rental liaison supervisor at a Ballet School venue. I just recently got promoted, so that’s nice. I also work the Toronto International Film Festival (which is why I’ve worked the last 8 days straight and counting, oy)

As for planning, I just try to think of what might look good with my main pieces and then build coordinates out of the small things I collect to match them. I also try a variety of items and find out which works for me. For example, I prefer ankle socks to knee or OTK socks on my legs.

Misako Aoki’s New Lolita Show!



I did a quick overview of the first episode of Be Lolita, Be Happy and the interview Misako did with writer and illustrator Ran Oishi! You can check out the full piece over at Courtly Dreams for Burgher and can watch the full episode (without subtitles) over at CYTV~


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Kamen Rider Gaim - Episode 43 Review


Ever since episode 26, I’ve been in the “Micchy should just go die in a ditch that son of a b-” camp that I believe the majority of Kamen Rider Gaim fans have been in. I had waited so long for this episode, and when it finally came out and I saw what truly happened, I was kind of angry because I REALLY wanted Micchy to die SO BADLY….

But then I read this review of Episode 43 just a few minutes ago…and I decided to look back at the episode and watch it again…and I thought of something that I hadn’t before:

I was angry at first when I saw Kouta make the sacrifice that he made, and to see that he would forgive Micchy for all of his terrible terrible deeds and yet die (though I of course know he’ll be brought back) made me REALLY question what direction the show was going to go in…but after this review, I asked myself this:

"If you were in Kouta’s perspective; saw the things he saw, heard the things he heard, and went through what he went through (and didn’t see the full extent of Micchy’s psychosis like us viewers have); would YOU have done the same thing? Would you have tried to forgive Micchy and not want him to die, even at the sacrifice of your own life?"

And I answered that question with both the most simple and the best answer I could think of:

Yes. Yes I would.

Whoever wrote this review, thank you for teaching me something new about a show that is so near and dear to my heart. You, my friend, are an absolute genius.

That is all.

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Scarlet, Primavera Waltz