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Baby, The Stars Shine Bright Soirée of the beginning of my memories dress ♥


Baby, The Stars Shine Bright Soirée of the beginning of my memories dress

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"Part of me thought I would find Jimmy again at Martha Graham, and he would say it was me he’d loved all along, and could we get back together, and I’d forgive him and everything would be wonderful, the way it had been at first. But the other part of me realized that the chances of that were nothing. Adam One used to say that people can believe two opposite things at the same time, and now I knew it was true." —Margaret Atwood, Year of the Flood
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My two outfits from the LBM ‘14~

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Anonymous asked: Miss Cadney, will you be at Anime North this year? I've always wanted to meet you and since my outfit is going to be lolita-esque, it would be a dream come true to get a picture with you!

Ah wow, absolutely! I feel so bashful. I’ll be there all weekend, so we can definitely take a photo together. I’ll do my best to put together some nice outfits.

And did you hear that Misako Aoki is coming?! Maybe you can get a photo with her, too! I’m so excited to see her again.

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So I’ve been wondering where classic lolitas who don’t have the tiniest feet oops get their beautiful shoes. I’m in the process of buying Searching for Baroque in ivory and Portrait du Marie in pink. I’d like some light coloured shoes (maybe an ivory/cream, maybe a beige, maybe a gold?) to match them, but would also consider darker colours.

I was thinking of purchasing these shoes from an*tai*na but they seem like they might not be very comfortable and I do a ton of walking in Lolita. If you have any shoe suggestions I would really appreciate it! Sadly, my feet are not narrow, either.

If you have tights and legwear recommendations for girls with long legs that are not incredibly skinny, that’s also something that I would appreciate.

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Enchanted outfits highlights
See more on the Street Fashion Europe Flickr

Pictures : Marie Tuonetar

Does anyone know where the lovely dress from the top image comes from?

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My very own Daydream Carnival coord for Megacon 2014 on Sunday! :)

Note: This DDC jsk, bonnet, headbow and bag are all handmade by me. I am not sure if it would be considered a replica because I made it for myself, but I matched everything perfectly except the bottom trim lace which candy lace and not ponies.

Tights- Angelic Pretty DDC in ivory

Shoes- Bodyline

Pictures courtesy of Stephanie, you can find her blog here!: http://cadney.tumblr.com/

Fb: https://www.facebook.com/TrulyDarlingBoutiqueSS
Tumblr: kimbarose.tumblr.com/
Shop: trulydarling.storenvy.com/

When I saw Kim at Megacon on Friday I remember I was chatting with her casually about how I wished I’d worn Day Dream Carnival as well, etc.

And then when I realized this dress was handmade. Omg
That’s amazing. It looks exactly the same quality as mine from Angelic Pretty in person.

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Invader invader (by Laura Dambremont)Le retour de la fossette tueuse 8D


Invader invader (by Laura Dambremont)

Le retour de la fossette tueuse 8D

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