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TOY MARCH ☆ Karin × RockChen
Anonymous sent: that wasnt ur photo that was pokemina's?

This is my photo.
Meaning this is also my photo.

If you’re not talking about that, then I have no idea what you’re talking about — but I’m pretty sure you’re just mistaken. I never claimed that a photo of hers belonged to me; I’m a fan of her blog, though!



I found a Pretty Angelic Whimsical Vanilla-chan JSK outside Atomic Lollipop on Sunday after closing. Also included was a cute clutch/small bag(with nothing in it).
If you guys wouldn’t mind circulating this around so it can find it’s owner? ;u; I’d hate to see such a lovely dress lose its owner! Please PM me if you’re the owner so I can return it to you!

Signal boost!

How kind of you! I think this was purchased by someone at the swap meet, because if I’m not mistaken, max-and-star-anise was selling it?
Anonymous sent: I wish I was as strong as you.

I used to feel like a very weak person in all respects; with relationships, dressing up, friendships.

But building confidence is possible for everyone. Honestly, sometimes it helps when other people try to bring you down. I truly believe that other people attacking me has created my thicker skin. I have learned to love myself more because of it; I have learned to let people go and still be ok because of it. Sometimes you need a life experience to break you down before you can build yourself back up.

That being said, with respect to relationships this is the number one rule: if you need someone to supplement your self-worth, the answer is not to be and stay in a relationship. You need to learn to love yourself and feel confident in your own skin before you can have a healthy relationship with another person. I have learned this the hard way, and that’s why I mention it.

Be strong anon, you can do it! (๑°v°๑)