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Anonymous sent: is washing your lockshop waves wig any different than washing, say, one of the mermaid styles? my friend recently got a waves wig and I have two mermaid styles... wondering if it needs to be washed as often, or if the hair needs different treatment than a long wavy wig. thanks!

Nope! It’s the same, in my experience. I washed mine and it puffed back up to its original form; sometimes washing *can* change a wig’s shape or curls though, but I’ve never experienced such a thing with Lockshop’s wigs. They’ve all taken quite famously to washing.

Mon Petit Chouchou
Anonymous sent: Do you have any different j-fashion styles you would like to try? Other than lolita or fairy kei.

Sure! Mori really appeals to me. I want my everyday wardrobe to be re-designed in the Mori Girl image, but I don’t know where to start.

I know this is related to Lolita, but I want to try boystyle/ouji someday too.


Don’t be ashamed to cry ♫
Anonymous sent: So do you think you need brand to be a lolita?

Of course not! That opinion would be nasty and, imo, absurd.
You can handmake your Lolita clothing and accessories.
You can purchase your Lolita from Bodyline, or Taobao.
You can be an amazing, inspirational Lolita without ever having to rely on brand! Check out princess-peachie for a notable (and lovely) example.

My personal opinion is that brand clothing is worth the money but it is never necessary. And not only brand; I also feel talented independent designers from all over the world should be able to charge a living wage for the clothing they design and manufacture as well.

There’s just something about expecting items to always be cheap that gets to me, I guess. It’s because I’m intimate friends with many local artisans who struggle to sell their clothing and accessories because people vocally decry their (often fair) prices. The reality is, it takes many hours of dedication and work, in addition to high quality materials, to create something beautiful. And if you don’t like the price of something it’s perfectly fair not to want to buy it, but you also shouldn’t act crass and expect people to undervalue their hard work either! (◍•ᴗ•◍) 


Sweet lolita with shironuri, a painter wanted me to have it so she could photograph it and then paint it later.




30$ for a pair of lace cuffs how the FUCK is this company still in business????

Because Angelic Pretty’s customers value high quality, well-made products (often with little to no manufacturing errors) and custom decorative lace.

Never going to understand people who think $30 is an unacceptably outrageous price for goods. Have you ever tried to handmake cuffs that look that beautiful? How many hours might it take you, and what would gathering such high quality materials cost you?

While I do agree with everything you’re saying, and the OP could’ve went about their post better, I don’t think the condescending tone is necessary. Not everybody is going to think $30 is a suitable price of lace cuffs, even if they are “high quality” and “hand made” so shaming somebody for thinking that way is very unnecessary. There is a such thing as wanting to save money, being cheap, etc.. and it’s not a bad thing (not saying you said those words exactly). (:

Opinions as harsh as OP’s opinion, especially when put under a brand’s tag, are often met with similarly harsh counter opinions. I firmly believe that’s to be expected. You’re bashing a brand in a tag filled with people who support that brand.

I would never shame someone for being unwilling to buy an item on a personal basis. But insinuating that a company has no reason to be in business with prices like Angelic Pretty’s demonstrates a lack of understanding of the quality of their goods. I would understand complaining about $300-500 for a dress (this is hard to wrap one’s head around, of course) but as someone who’s tried to handmake wrist cuffs before, I’ve sought out the kinds of lace Angelic Pretty uses, it’s… not that easy. And not that cheap.


quick animal crossing comic, i guess lol this is what would happen if i finally got a bunny in my town. 

Anonymous sent: Hi Cadney, do you have any tips for getting involved in my lokal community? I have found a few lolitas from my city on tumblr, and I've talked very briefly with one of them at an anime event, but I'm painfully shy and I don't know how to take contact to any of them. Tips please? :/ It would make me super happy ^^

I think the best thing to do is contact a person or two from your local community online before attending any meets. If you can go to your first meet-up even with just one friend, you will feel less alienated if everyone already knows one another there.

So if you know how to contact anyone from your community on tumblr or facebook, reach out to them! Tell them that you want to get involved, but just don’t know how. Ask if they wouldn’t mind introducing you to their friends.

They’re not guaranteed to be nice, but taking that leap of faith is the best way you can start. Getting involved with others socially is often a leap of faith, and a pledge to go out of your comfort zone. You can do it, you only need to find the strength. Good luck!