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Midori Fukasawa in Maria’s Sister OP

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melonenergy sent: hi cadney 💕 what did you think about the last episode of gaim? also, are you going to be continuing on with drive? ive enjoyed seeing you post about gaim! i havent known of many other lolitas who are into kamen rider/super sentai.

I love Gaim, but this week’s episode was so weirdly unnecessary.
Especially because the real finale (last week was the last episode written by Gen Urobuchi, so as far as I’m concerned it’s the real finale) was SO PERFECT and I felt like nothing else needed to happen??? brad-t mentioned that Toei probably didn’t think his brilliant ending was wrapped-up cleanly enough for a tokusatsu series.

I thought this week’s episode was gonna be a non-canon Drive crossover special to promote the next show, but the fact that they felt the need to tie up the whole Mitsuzane thing was just bizarre! Takatora’s smile told us everything we needed to know about Mitsuzane’s redemption. It was such a beautiful, perfect image of hope to end the show on and I was BAWLING MY EYES OUT during it you don’t even know.

The only thing this week’s episode added to the show, IMO, was a final look at Kaito and his tree. Kaito’s wrap-up didn’t make me cry in the real finale even though I knew I should’ve been heartbroken to see him finally go.

I’m going to try Drive… but there’s nothing about cars that really interests me, so it’d hafta be a really well written show to hold my attention. I don’t like the rider designs. I don’t know what to do now that Gaim is over! I’m so lost. I guess I’ll go back and watch OOO.

I’m glad you’ve enjoyed seeing my posts about Gaim! I’ve become so obsessed with this show and its lovely characters that I don’t know what I’ll do now that it’s over and they’re gone.


Yet another different photo. XD

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Anonymous sent: I think you should stop photoshopping your nose and stuff because you look fine without it. :/

……Except that I don’t photoshop my nose. Like.. at all. Lol

I like my nose, it’s a good nose.


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having to avoid the kubota yuki tag because of gaim non-canon finale special spoilers is true suffering