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hina-colle in Claudia, The Fairy Tale Princess

Kimura Yu wearing Royal Princess Alice’s Midnight’s Royal Merry go Round

To the person who purchased a hair accessory commission from my Storenvy

I want to start making your commission, but you didn’t let me know what you wanted it to look like! I believe your name is Lisa; please let me know ASAP and I will get working on it.

If anyone else is interested in purchasing a hair accessory, here’s a link to My Storenvy.

And here, you can check out my past work. Thank you!


I’ve got a burning desire for you baby ♫ (by Elodie De Frise)Article about this collaboration on my blog www.bee-scuit.com soon! Pic : M.B Photo Edits : Bee-scuit www.fb.com/beescuit05

Outftit on Ichiharu festival 14
Dress - Btssb, bonnet - AatP, tights - Grimoire, wig - Lockshop

I love and do not regret purchasing this dress, but I can’t figure out which kind of petti will work under it! I’ve tried 3 different A-Lines and a cupcake; all of them have created a weird lump in the back.


finished up this piece for mintkismet tonight!

  1. krisyeollah said: doesn’t that make you more of an egalitarian?

Well yes, egalitarian as well, but I’m not going to avoid saying that I’m a feminist when I’m asked directly of course. I’m not in any way ashamed.

In my opinion, feminism is not the assertion that women should have any sort of power over men, or that women are superior to men. It’s just the belief that all genders should be treated equally! The reason why I didn’t limit my response to sex and gender is because equality shouldn’t stop there, of course. All people deserve to receive the same levels of respect no matter what group they fall into.

Anonymous sent: you're a feminist?

Well I believe all people should be treated equally, so yes I am. 
(ू ੭•͈ω•͈)੭。.゚♡