Today’s Kurebayashi! 🌈
Anonymous sent: I really cannot fathom all of these people calling you "bigger". Through what skewed lenses are everyone seeing? Lolita is not for tiny people only, but you're not big by any means... I just don't get it. But you're so so lovely

Thank you very much!
If I had to guess, it’s because people have distorted images of what a body should look like due to Lolita being a Japanese fashion. I wear a size 8-10 depending on the clothing brand, and I carry my weight quite well because I’m tall.

But I suppose by Japanese standards, I’m pretty big. So because Lolita clothing doesn’t often actually come in my size (for example, nothing from Mary Magdalene would ever fit me unless they decided to put generous amounts of shirring on it — and Innocent World looks so strange on me because I actually have a bust) I am considered bigger within this fashion community?

But really, my size is incredibly average and fits in with the average type of female body you’d see on the street in Canada.

It’s so fun to wear super sweet! (◍•ᴗ•◍) I always look forward to it.

Anonymous sent: I bought a dress at TwyLite like a year ago and it's still in like perfect condition. I've worn it a ton-I'm wearing it now, too!

I’m glad to hear you had a good experience!

But still, be careful at Twylyte…
I saw awhile back that she was selling “Authentic Angelic Pretty” but I looked at the dresses and even though they had tags, something was very wrong. I know my Angelic Pretty well, and those dresses had differences from what I’d seen on the website and in person.

I suspect they’re high quality factory fakes. They’re not authentic and not worth 300 dollars. Buyer beware.

Musee du Chocolat
Anonymous sent: Best places in Toronto to shop for Lolita/lolita accessories/thrift for cult party kei or fairy kei? (And not that TwyLite place bc it's such a scam w shitty replicas and costumey garbage)

I know the store you mentioned is in Kensington Market — but try the other shops in Kensington like Courage my Love for good vintage finds. I don’t know them by name, I just scour the many vintage shops when I have hours to kill.

There’s a store on Queen W that used to be called F/X but is now called Original. They carry a lot of Vivienne Westwood shoes that work for Lolita, as well as interesting tights and pettis. Original is not cheap, though.

For Classic shoes you might be interested in paying a visit to Fluevog. The shoes cost about as much as a Lolita dress, but if you’re lightning quick with your finger on the pulse of their sales you can get good deals.

And I know you’re probably aware of this, but Forever 21 can provide some fantastic Lolita finds. Like chiffon blouses and cute jewelry/hair flowers!

Tbh I realize you don’t want to shop at Twylyte but they’ve added some interesting handmade and taobao accessories recently, and their an*tai*na tea party shoes are like 40 bucks and come in every size. Don’t buy dresses there but check out what else they have to offer if you’re not completely opposed to giving them your business.
Anonymous sent: You are so gorgeous and lovely. I am very small and frail myself, but seeing someone being a bit bigger sporting lolita in such a fantastic way is really inspiring as a person suffering from bad self-image and having body/eating issues. You look good in any style I´ve seen you in and you work those glasses so amazingly well in with your coords also! Thank you for sharing your amazing pictures online sweetie, please keep us posted :-)

Thank you so much! What a kind message. I will continue to always do my best and have fun wearing Lolita.


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